Vitamins Online Supergoodstuff’s CEO: Keith Morey

Vitamins Online Supergoodstuff’s CEO: Keith Morey

Day to Day Role at SGS:
My role as the owner and CEO at Super Good Stuff varies daily. Often times I find myself not only personally talking to clients, but also working on new formulations for products with chemists and educating doctors on different parameters concerning healthy solutions as well elaborating on them to improve their clients' health.

Arrival at SGS:

I have always enjoyed making things more efficient whether it be a car, motorcycle or even me! I was always trying to improve my health and enjoyed the fact that I had so many facets in which I could experiment. I began with a small vitamin store at swap meet when I discovered the health benefits of MSM, biological sulfur. I decided that I should bring this profound product to market and within six months SGS Research was started.

Motivation to achieve business success:

I have the greatest job in the world because I am able to turn people's lives around and get paid for it! I love to do this type on hands-on work because I get to experience the happiness firsthand that my clients get from my products. Making somebody healthy and being able improve the quality of his or hers life is my motivation! This not only effects my clients, but it improves their family's life as well. I find this extremely gratifying!

SGS Profile:

Super Good Stuff is a self proprietorship that has been in business for seventeen years. We manufacture and innovate the most unique vitamin supplements on the market today.

What makes SGS different:

Super Good Stuff focuses on results! We concentrate on products that have immediate impact promoting people's health as well as their well being. We care about our customers. Because we mainly focus on word of mouth referrals, customer results are the key to our success.

What are our primary products:

We have so many unique products! It is hard to choose which is our primary product. MSM, biological sulfur, started Super Good Stuff, but truthfully, we have many amazing products including Infinite Energy and Total Recall!

Geographical markets:

We mainly market to United States and Europe, but we have also have clients in Australia.

Super Good Stuff customers:

Super Good Stuff has a wide array of customers. We not only work with health conscious individuals and athletes, but also people suffering from autistic and cancer. We believe that every experience and interaction with our customers improves our knowledge to help them and future individuals better their lives!


Our website officially came online in 1998.

Importance of website:

Although our website has been active a very long time, it is only 8% of our business. We focus mainly on referrals, but we would love our website to grow exponentially!

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