San Francisco Access Consultant Sasha Froyland

San Francisco Access Consultant Sasha Froyland Please explain your day-to-day role at Bay Area Access Consultants.
Sasha Froyland: I meet with clients, size their projects, write statements of work, and drive more business through the front door by making partnerships, increasing internet traffic, writing advertising campaigns, creating alliances and calling previous clients. How did you arrive at Bay Area Access Consultants?
Sasha Froyland: A common trait of every successful software project is tight communication between the business and the programmer. The Microsoft Access platform allows for rapid application development. When we combine the Microsoft Access platform with a senior Microsoft Access consultant and a knowledgeable business stakeholder, successful outcomes abound. I have a solid technical background and deep business experience. Bay Area Access Consultants gives me an upbeat work environment where I can leverage the widest array of my skills and talents. Did you work at any other companies before Bay Area Access Consultants, and what was you role at these firms?

Sasha Froyland: Yes, I worked at Strategic Enterprise Solutions, Inc. as a Managing Partner. My role, over the 15 years at SESIdw, included outside sales, programming, database design, strategic planning and business development. What previous personal experience has best helped you deal with the challenges at Bay Area Access Consultants?

Sasha Froyland: Data is a company's most valuable asset. I watch movies online, read restaurant reviews, shop online and book travel all online. Without good quality data, none of these tasks are possible. Building solid database applications, which control what data gets into a system is a role I enjoy. GIGO - Garbage In, Garbage Out. I consider myself a steward of data. What drove you into this line of business?

Sasha Froyland: I find computers to be fascinating. Entrepreneurship is in my DNA. I get immense satisfaction from removing or automating the routine day-to-day tasks an employee might need to perform in the office and replacing those tasks with automated software enhancements, thereby freeing that employee to have more time in their day to perform higher level and more rewarding activities. Increasing the office worker's quality of life is what drove me into the software development business. What is your biggest challenge at Bay Area Access Consultants? And how do you attempt to surpass it?

Sasha Froyland: Finding large enough projects to keep our senior consultants busy full-time. We will solve this challenge by concentrating on satisfying one customer at a time. What motivates you most to achieve business success? Is your blueprint for success based, in some way, on role models? What’s you source of inspiration?

Sasha Froyland: Business success comes from enjoying what you do. I enjoy helping businesses meet or exceed their goals by enabling office workers to perform their job faster, with more accuracy, and with less effort, is very rewarding. My great-great-grandfather, Daniel Best, inventor of the Caterpillar tractor, had as the seed for his invention the fortune to work in the agriculture industry and watch first hand the hard life of the American farmer. Daniel Best's invention sprung from the belief that he could improve the quality of life for farmers world-wide. Entrepreneurship and the need to give back was instilled in me early in life. Who’s Bay Area Access Consultants ?

Sasha Froyland: Founded in 1997, under the parent company of Strategic Enterprise Solutions, Inc. , a business intelligence consulting firm. We are a local boutique consulting shop made up of senior software consultants who have had incredibly successful careers working for world class companies in the Silicon Valley. What makes Bay Area Access Consultants different?

Sasha Froyland: We measure success by customer feedback. We're not a body shop. We are local, senior, Access consultants. Microsoft Access is the tool of our craft and we leverage this tool to it's fullest to propel our clients to reach their goals. What are your primary product and/or service offering?

Sasha Froyland: Custom Microsoft Access database business application development, maintenance, bug fixes and upgrades. What are your primary geographical markets?

Sasha Froyland: San Francisco Bay Area (Northern California). Who are Bay Area Access Consultants’ customers?

Sasha Froyland: Large and small business, from the Fortune 500 well established companies to the small start-ups that need a competitive advantage or implement a new business idea very quickly. When did you get your first website online?

Sasha Froyland: 1995, under the name of D & S Consulting. How important is your website to generate sales leads?

Sasha Froyland: Very important. Over 95% of our prospect come from internet search.

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