Ken and Kevin Corsini - Co-Owners of Red Barn Homebuyers Franchise


Personal Experience Questions

Please explain your day-to-day role at Red Barn Homebuyers Franchise.

As CEO I lead all operational aspects of our business, from sales, to account service, to member support. Ken and I work closely on vision and direction for the business and we have a team of highly experienced professionals who help us serve our members and achieve our organizational goals.

How did you come up with the idea for your business?

In November of 2020 Ken and I were exploring avenues to expand the Red Barn business across the nation. Ken and Anita were preparing to film Flipping Showdown and it seemed to be an ideal venue to highlight the Red Barn brand on national TV. Instead of opening corporate locations in other states we decided on a membership platform where we would identify ideal candidates in markets from coast to coast and help them open their own Red Barn real estate investing business using our proven systems. We were able to highlight the opportunity on HGTV’s Flipping Showdown and in 2022 the franchise business launched with great success.

What motivates you most to achieve business success?

Real Estate has been very good to our families and we are fortunate to own a thriving and successful business. We love working collaboratively with other like minded individuals who have a similar set of values and priorities. It motivates us to see them be successful as well. We recognize success isn’t always about money, often it is the freedom that comes from owning your own business and having the margin and bandwidth to pursue those things that are most important. We love to see others escape the grind of corporate life and to help them achieve this level of personal success.

Is your blueprint for success based, in some way, on role models?

No doubt Ken and I both have role models who have inspired us. More than what they have accomplished, it is about how they did it as well. Who you are and how you operate is often more important than what you are trying to accomplish. We place a high value on operating with integrity and character, and keeping the long view in mind. We strive to always be teachable, to not be discouraged with set-backs or failure, and to get up every day with a spirit of tenacity to be better than the day before.

What's your source of inspiration?

We are in a business of relationships, and anytime we can help others build a better life for themselves, that inspires me. Ken and I both have kids that one day will come into the business, and I think that also serves as an inspiration. We want to build an organization that will be successful for generations.

Corporate Profile Questions

What makes Red Barn Homebuyers Franchise different?

Red Barn Homes existed as a family business in Atlanta for over 15 years before the idea of franchising ever arose. The company flipped over 1,000 homes and spawned business in construction, lending, remodeling, and brokerage. We’ve been successful in various economies through the years and built proven systems from the ground up. On top of that, we operate as a family. Joining Red Barn means that you are joining our family business, and that’s a very big deal for us. We have a very personalized approach that recognizes each member and market is unique.

What is your primary service offering?

I think the most unique service we offer is providing turnkey solutions for finding off market properties. We become a full scale marketing arm for each of our franchisees. We develop a customized plan for each member in each market and we leverage our economies of scale to identify off market properties in ways and on a level an individual couldn’t do on their own. We vet those properties, speak with the owners, and pass on the leads to our members only once they are verified. Our cost per lead is likely best in the industry and we provide the service at no markup for the company. We believe this is the most valuable offering available for someone new to real estate investing.

Who are Red Barn Homebuyers Franchise customers?

Our customers are the franchisees who make up the Red Barn family. When someone becomes a member, their customer is the community where they serve. They work to help improve neighborhoods by remodeling properties and providing quality homes to families in that community.

When did you get your first website online?

I believe our very first website went live in 2005

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