WebClamour's CEO: Neil Graham

WebClamour's CEO: Neil Graham

 Please explain you day-to-day role at WebClamour.


What motivates you most to achieve business success? Is your blueprint for success based, in some way, on role models? What’s your source of inspiration?

My motivation is seeing the success of clients when their "Toasted" websites and drives deliver true performance by increasing leads/profits.

Who’s WebClamour?

Webclamour is me and basically I am an engineer with a passion for websites and associated methods.

What makes it different?

This is the most difficult question for anyone trying to position themselves in the market. Maybe it is the fact that i have the backing of the SEO Samba team helping to deliver true centrally managed performance websites? I would hope that having run a successful engineering business also gives me many insights into what clients want from their sites and efforts.

What are your primary product and/or service offering?

Our main product is UK Franchise Marketing which comes as a packages consisting of :

  • SEO ready Content Management System (CMS);
  • Semi automated SEO platform accessed via any browser;
  • Full control of all websites and their Search Engine Optimisation UK from one central point.

This has to be centrally managed website systems with flexible built in SEO optimisation ability.

What are your primary geographical markets?

The UK with emphasis on the South East.

Who are WebClamour’s customers?

  • Franchisors;
  • Distributors (with a network/POS);
  • B2B businesses.

When did you get your first website online?


How important is your website to generate leads?

It is one of the most effective ways to promote a business and is central to the way new leads are generated and verified.

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