Home Insulation Contractors Sean Zobaa

Home Insulation Contractors Sean Zobaa

Sean has specialized in contractor marketing since 2003, helping thousands of contractors build and market their businesses. As Chief Executive of Green Training USA, Sean has created Home Energy Team, a turn-key business and marketing solution which takes all the guesswork out of running a home performance business. The Home Energy Team platform helps energy auditors, contractors and those with no previous experience establish profitable businesses in the home energy efficiency industry.

Please explain your day-to-day role at Green Training USA.

As Chief Executive for Green Training USA, I am involved in strategic planning, business development and partnerships that benefit our students and business affiliates. Along with Green Training USA President, Dallas Jones, I oversee our management team and career advisors. We have a very experienced team of professionals who do a great job in their respective fields, making my job relatively easy. 

How did you arrive at Green Training USA?

I began marketing in the contracting industry in 2003, managing the largest directory of contractors in the US. In 2007, I started Home Energy Team Institute (now Green Training USA) with Dallas Jones. We combined my contractor marketing experience with Dallas’s energy efficiency training experience to develop a full suite of home performance training and business solutions. Our focus has always been beyond the training, to what the training can do for you.

What motivates you most to achieve business success? Is your blueprint for success based, in some way, on role models? What’s your source of inspiration?

I’m motivated by the opportunity that exists in the energy efficiency marketplace right now. This is a relatively new industry that is largely untapped, but growing very quickly. Now is the best time to get into the energy efficiency industry, while it’s still getting established.

Energy efficiency is one of the few industries that has a positive impact all around. It helps homeowners save money on their energy bills. It provides a more comfortable and safer home. It’s good for the environment, and it can help get America back to work by providing thousands of jobs that can’t be shipped overseas. These aren’t just jobs, but long-lasting careers in a cutting-edge industry. It does require hard work, but the opportunity is there. There are opportunities opening up in commercial and industrial energy efficiency, as well.

What is Home Energy Team?

Home Energy Team is a turn-key business and marketing solution for local home performance businesses. It takes all the guesswork out of starting and running a business conducting home energy assessments and providing energy-saving products and upgrades that help homeowners save money on their energy bills and improve their indoor comfort and safety. Home Energy Team provides a streamlined solution, including energy audit training and certification through Green Training USA (if required), business strategy coaching, marketing and business tools.

What makes Home Energy Team different?

  1. We’re more than just a website or marketing platform. We’re a complete training, business and marketing solution, providing everything you need to start and run a successful business.
  2. We teach you how to make money in the home performance industry. Our business coaches have practical, real-world experience to help our affiliates succeed every step of the way.
  3. We’re affiliate-based, and NOT franchises. We don’t take a share of your profits. Our affiliates pay an initial setup fee plus a monthly maintenance fee for their website and business tools. Your profits are yours to keep.
  4. We offer extensive training and certification through Green Training USA. Green Training USA trains home performance professionals across the US, including some of the country’s largest retailers and manufacturers.

What are your primary product and/or service offering?

We offer energy assessments and energy efficient upgrades to homeowners, and we offer a full-scale training, business and marketing solution for home performance professionals.

What are your primary geographical markets?

We offer business affiliate memberships across the US.

Who are Home Energy Team’s customers?

We have two types of customers – homeowners and business affiliates. Homeowners visit our site to schedule a home energy assessment, or to learn about saving energy. Our business affiliates are home energy auditors, contractors, home performance professionals, and those with no previous experience who want to start a business in the energy efficiency industry.

When did you get your first website online?

Our first website went online in 2007.

How important is your website to generate sales leads?

Our website is a central part of our marketing strategy. It attracts homeowners who want to learn about energy assessments, which provides leads for our business affiliates. Our website also attracts those interested in starting a business in the energy efficiency industry.

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