Gianni Serazzi - GS Consulting

Gianni Serazzi - GS Consulting

Personal Experience Questions

Please can you explain your daily role at GS Consulting?

As of lately it requires a lot of emails and zoom calls, as you can imagine, but basically it has a lot to do with connecting different pieces of the puzzle that make up the fashion and luxury industry.

What inspired you to create GS Consulting?

 I see this as a natural progression. I started off with consulting in a lot of different industries. From then, I went on to running a company, so the next clear step forward was to try start something of my own.

 Would you say that you noticed the transitions through each different chapter of your life?

I think you focus on the day by day process firstly.  If you always focus on that, and make the most of it to add value to your clients each day, that is the best you can do.  

Do you ever truly stop learning?

No, of course not. That's that's what keeps us motivated. That's how we grow as a company and as human beings too.

What motivates you most to achieve business success?

We have the luxury to work with very, very smart people. Every time you speak with the CEO’s, or a managing director, you know you're speaking with “the creme de la creme”, so if they value your input, it means that you're doing something right; that is motivating beyond measure.

What is your source of inspiration, what has inspired you, and will continue to inspire you?

It's really our clients, I'm talking to top executives and managing directors, and these are people that discover something new in the markets every day. 

What actually got you inspired to get into this industry?

I didn't start in fashion luxury, I first had the chance of working with technology and consumer goods brands all across the globe. My roots are from Italy, and the luxury industry is dominated, as of today, between France and Italy. I was able to then see how many of the lessons that I had learned in the consumer and technology brands, could actually apply to luxury goods as well, and vice versa. 

Corporate Profile Questions:

What differentiates your company from your competition? 

We bring in  senior executives that have run global organizations, and we assemble the teams for each specific task of each specific client that we have. 

 Would you say that it’s a tailor made service?

You have to have this if you want to add value on a deep level. We bring the experience of our networks made up of executives and former executives, that are still up for the mental challenges, so these are the people that we assemble for our teams. 

 What would you say to a client that came across your website for the first time?

 We are a partner in the sense that we create specific approaches that  best support the journey of the client in the long term. Our connections, the previous collective knowledge that we have acquired, and our strategic insights, can generate very significant value.

What would your typical or ideal client look like?

We work well with clients that on a brand level or on a group level, have a 360 degree vision.  We don't look at one specific problem. We want our clients to trust us and to ask us for our opinion on a whole range of different topics. 

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