DC Staffing Agency Results Driven Staffing : Jim Reznikoff

DC Staffing Agency Results Driven Staffing : Jim Reznikoff

CEO-watch.com : Who’s Results Driven Staffing?
Jim Reznikoff: Results Driven Staffing is a DC staffing agency that provides a wide variety of support services  to companies with a need to fill staffing positions.  We find the hard to reach candidates and strive for the perfect fit between skills and corporate culture.

CEO-watch.com : What makes Results Driven Staffing different?
Jim Reznikoff: We strive to find passive candidates.  Those currently working and doing excellent work who may be unhappy at their current workplace or looking for a more challenging environment.  Many firms take the low hanging fruit- the unemployed or those resumes they find on job boards.  If someone is unemployed, there is a possibility that it is because they did not perform on the job.  If they are currently working, that will not be an issue and increases the probability that the candidate will succeed when placed.

CEO-watch.com : What are your primary product and/or service offering?
Jim Reznikoff: Recruiting and placement services.

CEO-watch.com : What are your primary geographical markets?
Jim Reznikoff: Washington DC and Virginia

CEO-watch.com : Who are Results Driven Staffing’ customers?
Jim Reznikoff: Primarily Government contractors that work with the federal government, IT firms & the federal government itself.

CEO-watch.com : When did you get your first website online?
Jim Reznikoff: About 3 years ago

CEO-watch.com : How important is your website to generate sales leads?
Jim Reznikoff: We feel it is a great way to draw a passive candidate pool

CEO-watch.com : Please explain you day-to-day role at Results Driven Staffing.
Jim Reznikoff: As Director and founder of the organization, I oversee the daily activity of the organization and make sure that we are building strategic relationships with hiring organizations and building an ever larger circle of professional candidates that match the  needs of the hiring organizations.

CEO-watch.com : How did you arrive at Results Driven Staffing?
Jim Reznikoff: I had very frustrating experiences when I needed to engage placement firms for my software development firm.  Many placement firms were offering me candidates that I could find myself on job boards, or they did inadequate screening of candidates causing me to waste my time sifting through weak candidates.  So I realized that if we had a better way for finding talent and really listening to both hard and soft skills, that we could fill a niche in the placement market.

CEO-watch.com : Did you work at any other companies before Results Driven Staffing, and what was you role at these firms?
Jim Reznikoff: I perform recruiting for MicroSystems Automation Group (MSAG), my other software development company.

CEO-watch.com : What previous personal experience has best helped you deal with the challenges at Results Driven Staffing?

Jim Reznikoff: My experience dealing with other recruiting or placement firms in my capacity at MSAG

CEO-watch.com : What drove you into this line of business?
Jim Reznikoff: We at MSAG had a need for an inhouse recruiter but found it more beneficial to create a new business that MSAG could hire for their recruitment needs.

CEO-watch.com : What is your biggest challenge at Results Driven Staffing?
Jim Reznikoff: Our biggest challenge right now is finding candidates that have longevity in their job history.  Too many candidates today seem to spend a year here and 6 months there.  Firms want staff that are committed and want to stay for the long haul.

CEO-watch.com : What motivates you most to achieve business success?

Jim Reznikoff: I love the Entrepreneurial spirit and I love to watch small companies blossom and become successful large companies.  I take away many great lessons from their stories and experiences.

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