Antony Gordon - Professional Financial Adviser

Antony Gordon - Professional Financial Adviser

Antony Gordon is a top professional financial adviser to world-class athletes and celebrities, having more than two decade of international experience in the financial industry. He has traveled a long journey before finally reaching this elite status. He has a strong education background has he earned his degrees from the two most prestigious university in the world; Oxford and Harvard University. While at Harvard Law School, he chaired the Harvard International Rock for Education Committee and was able to reach out to major entertainers such as Bruce Springsteen and Sting to participate in a concert to benefit education.

Antony Gordon never gives up, being known for his ability to keep pushing forward, and his uniqueness spans across the financial industry as he delivers outstanding results to his many clients. His successes over the years can be attributed to his passion, dedication and selflessness, as his motivation lies within his character, charisma, and a kind heart which make him look forward to empowering young minds.

After years of working at various leading companies holding several key positions within those organizations, Antony has become known for his outstanding performances, his professionalism and ability to exceed his client's expectations. He has worked as a financial adviser and asset manager to many celebrities, including boxing world champion Manny Pacquiao, basketball greats Derek Fisher and Grant Hill, and world-famous rap star MC Hammer. Antony Gordon has managed more than two hedge funds, and currently chairs the nominating committee of the Raoul Wallenberg Award.

Furthermore, Antony passion and his experience put him in the right position to help various individuals. His most recent venture, LAST (Life After Sports Transition), aims to help athletes prepare for the end of their playing careers, both financially and emotionally. Antony believes that “the definition of success is really how we respond to the inevitable setbacks in life.” True to his words, he always looks forward to motivate others, and to keep them pushing forward.

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