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Welcome to C.E.O. Watch, where we take stock of the business world's major players, while providing weekly news roundups from the world of Wall Street. Advertising Department:

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Addressing Globalization Fears: Oracle Leader Fills In For CEO and Lays Out An International High-Tech Corporate Perspective In the current political climate in the US, there is a general distrust of all things related to globalization.
The Bright Lights Are Now On: GE CEO Jeff Immelt to Spearhead US Economic Recovery as Job "Czar" Though largely unnoticed prior to his recent CBS "60 Minutes" story, GE CEO Jeff Immelt has been entrusted with implementing job creation strategies in the badly sagging United States economy.
Steve Jobs and Assessing the Impact of a Media Superstar CEO on a Company On October 5, recently retired Apple CEO and by all accounts mastermind, Steve Jobs passed away after years battling pancreatic cancer. He left a legacy of innovation and prosperity for Apple.
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