Tribune Company has a new leader

I see a man who knows how to get things done, doing things that others recognize, so he gets the reward – the bigger office. Of course, there is more responsibility that goes with this job, but Nils is not afraid.

Mr. Larsen knows about how to keep the balloons in the air by holding their strings at the same time as ALL the plates are spinning. He thinks on his feet, and from a chair, sometimes at the same time. But this position is not to be made light of. He is so detail oriented that his shoelace aglets are marked for left and right.

This is a big job. There are 23 TV stations, the WGN national network and WGN radio that will be overseen by him. Yep, spinning plates and lots of pretty balloons to distract him, but he plans on being on top of every question. Yes, that IS pizza for lunch!

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