Copter crash kills Saba Masri, a prominent Mexican Telecom & Construction Billionaire

On Sunday, a copter crash killed five people, including high-end Mexican billionaire businessman Moises Saba Masri, declared the state-run Notimex news agency.

The five casualties of the Sunday night crash included Saba's wife, their son, their son's wife and the pilot, declared Felipe Calderon, Mexico's President.

According to Mexico's City civil protection secretary, Elias Moreno Brizuela, it seems that weather, fog in particular, played a major part in the accident that took place around 8:30 pm. Apparently, the copter's tail hit a house and its blade struck a tree, still according to Moreno Brizuela. There were no additional injuries on the ground.

After the copter hit a house, it fell into a 90 feet deep ravine, adding difficulty for the rescue team to recover the bodies.

In the Notimex news conference, Saba Masri was depicted as one of Mexico's wealthies citizens, worth billions of dollars. Masri made fortune in the telecommunications business, and owned construction and textile companies. Masri was also a major investor in the TV Azteca network and was proprietor of two hotels in Acapulco, said a state report on Monday. His latest venture was planning to build a 52-story building of flats and offices in the heart of Mexico this year.

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