Clearwire Taps Morrow as CEO

Clearwire Corp., the wireless broadband service provider, named William Morrow to replace Benjamin Wolff as chief executive officer.

Morrow, who previously served as CEO of Pacific Gas & Electric, will head Clearwire as it develops WiMax technology, which offers broadband networks at higher speeds than current networks.

"The chance to lead Clearwire at a time when the company sits on the cusp of doing something truly remarkable—to change the way people connect to and use the Internet—was not one to be missed," said Morrow upon announcement of his post, according to Business Wire.

Clearwire recently partnered with Sprint Nextel Corp. with the promise of providing blanket broadband service for cities. The network is already active in Baltimore and Portland, Oregon, according to an Associated Press report, and promises to extend its service to Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas and Atlanta during 2009.

Before serving as CEO of PG&E, Morrow held executive posts at Vodafone and Japan Telecom Co.

"Bill Morrow has developed a global reputation in the telecommunications industry as a highly regarded executive with an extraordinary track record of success in U.S., Europe and Japan,” said Craig McGraw, founder and chairman of Clearwire, according to Business Wire. “Years of experience in key positions with great companies such as AirTouch and Vodafone have given Bill a great perspective on achieving operating efficiencies and enhancing value creation to profitably build and scale businesses.”

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