Carlos Ghosn: “Renault shall be a long term resident in Formula One”

Renault-Nissan’s CEO, was in Monaco on Sunday, May 25, for the Formula One Grand Prix. In an interview delivered to the local newspaper Nice Matin, Ghosn confirmed a long term participation of the French motor team in the competition, despite a year and a half of mediocre results.

"Renault shall be a long term resident in Formula One !" he hammered. "We are consistently developing our technology, our pilots, our team. Renault is in a process of global expansion in several emerging countries and in many of these countries, Formula One has a strong echo and influence. The fact that Russians, Indians, Chinese, Koreans and Southern Americans are Formula One addicts encourages us to continue our taking part in the competition in order to display our brand and company. The next step for us is to imagine how could we possibly exploit even further our image and aura in Formula One in order to sell our products in these emerging nations."

The answer is for Carlos Ghosn to see, a little more often, his Formula One drivers Fernando Alfonso and Nelson Piquet Jr mounting the podiums.

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