Morris Reichman - CEO of Payro Finance

Morris Reichman - CEO of Payro Finance

Please explain your day-to-day role at Payro Finance

As CEO I focus on driving our company towards our long-term goal while managing our various departments day to day.

How did you come up with the idea for your business?

The Idea of payrolls loans evolved over a series of events and interactions with payroll companies as well as business owners, trials and errors until we hit the nail on the head with the precise loan program designed to help businesses cover payroll when cash flow is tight.

What motivates you most to achieve business success?

I’m driven by my passion to provide a livelihood for my own family as well as my employees.

Is your blueprint for success based, in some way, on role models?


What's your source of inspiration?
It is my end goal that I keep in front of my mind that inspires me every day when I go to work.

Corporate Profile Questions


What makes Payro Finance different?

It is the ONLY loan program designed specifically for businesses to cover payroll.

What is your primary service offering?

Payroll Funding for businesses

Who are Payro Finance customers?

Businesses in any industry with average monthly revenue between $25,000 - $2,500,000

When did you get your first website online?

Septemeber 2019