Nicolas Trucchi - Founder of Micrologik

Nicolas Trucchi - Founder of Micrologik

Personal Experience Questions
1. Please explain you day-to-day role at Micrologik.

My daily role is to supervise our service dedicated to businesses, and provide solutions or consulting to our many clients. Whether remotely, on-site, or in our workshop, I troubleshoot our clients’ every day problems related to computer, internet, telephone switchboard …
Commercial management of the société informatique is also part of my daily role.
It includes :
-  Creating and verifying clients’ quotes ;
-  Ordering from our suppliers ;
- Following up with customers’ orders.
Last, but not the least - I also feel responsible for the company’s good atmosphere, so that everyone works in good conditions.

2. How did you arrive at Micrologik ?

I founded the company MICROLOGIK in 1999, when I realized there was no société informatique with attractive rates, and quality maintenance informatique in Menton. Over the years, I have realized that our proximity service is our customers’ first source of satisfaction. This is why we developed our services all over Alpes Maritimes (06) and Var (83).

3. What motivates you most to achieve business success? Is your blueprint for success based, in some way, on role models? What's your source of inspiration?

Our customers satisfaction and my enthusiasm for the new technologies allow me to contribute to the success of the company. New tools / products are tested internally before they’re offered to our customers.
Thanks to our Federation of Computer Resellers (FRP2I) membership, we are in constant contact with more than 250 other resellers in France, which allows us to have a global vision of the market, its services, and products, while sharing good like bad experiences.
It is a real source of inspiration for the company, and the direction it’s heading towards.

Corporate Profile Questions
4. Who's Micrologik (corporate profile)?

MICROLOGIK is a company that supplies, maintains, and installs, computer equipment and telephone switchboards. The company, created in 1999, is made up of a dynamic, passionate and motivated team whose main goal is to remove the computer and telephone concerns from our customers’ minds.

5. What makes Micrologik different?

Our proximity service, and seven days a week. availability from 8am to 11pm, is really what makes us different. We deal with different computer problems including indirect issues. When a client has a problem with software management, we get in touch with the software provider to solve the problem together ; when an internet problem occurs we diagnose the problem to speed up the operator’s support process, and we offer an alternative solution so that our customers can continue to work while the problem is being fixed.

6. What are your primary product and/or service offering?

For the computer part: we sell desktops, notebooks, servers as well as peripherals, accessories and computer consumables.
For the telephony / internet part we sell telephone switchboards, telephones, Electronic Payment Terminals ...
We provide computer and telephone maintenance, and installation services.
We also provide messaging hosting services, cloud services, and remote assistance work.

7. What are your primary geographical markets?

Our main geographic markets are in the 06 and 83 departments, and Monaco.

8. Who are Squarelabz customers?

Companies (TPE, Small and medium businesses, professionals, etc), administrations, and individuals.

9. When did you get your first website online?

As far as I remember, in 2000.

10. How important the website is in contact generation?

Currently we do not have many contacts coming from website visitors, and we count a lot on the new website to bring us more leads. I would like for it to be our second best leads generator, after word of mouth.