Jason O'Brien - President and CEO of Bio-One Inc.

Jason O'Brien - President and CEO of Bio-One Inc. Personal Experience Questions
1. Please explain you day-to-day role at Bio-One Inc.

President and CEO - Continued Franchisee Growth and Positioning of the Brand.

2. How did you arrive at Bio-One Inc.?

Started working with Bio-One as a Director of Franchise Development. Grew through the ranks.

3. What motivates you most to achieve business success?

A passion for people and those that I work with. I believe the key to achieve rapid success in business is through the development of others. Team Building is what it is all about!

Corporate Profile Questions

6. Who's your Company? (corporate profile)

Bio-One Inc. Crime scene and biohazard cleaning services is an industry where you know you are making a positive difference in peoples lives. You are being contacted to remedy a crisis in the greatest time of need. It's as close to being a hero on a day to day basis as you can get.

7. What differentiates your company from the competition?

Our business model! At Bio-One we are all about Helping First and Doing the Business Second. This is the key to our success and what makes Bio-One the dominate player within the industry!

8. What are your primary product and/or service offering?

Crime scene clean up franchise and trauma cleaning, hoarding, bio-hazard remediation.

9. What are your primary geographical markets?

The United States and Internationally in 2018.

8. Describe in a few words the typical customers of Bio-One Inc.

Working with the community during their greatest time of need. When we are working with our customers we are typically working with them on the worse day of their lives. We make a difference and help the family begin the healing process.