Fabrice Lore - 5 Stars Transactions Immobilières

Fabrice Lore - 5 Stars Transactions Immobilières

Personal Experience Questions
1. Please explain you day-to-day role at 5 Stars Transactions Immobilières.
I'm based in Bangkok, where our main office is. As an agency manager, I work with the Bangkok team in leasing and sales spheres, I also manage our activities in Hua Hin, Samui and immobilier Phuket.
I also work on agency development, partnership establishment as well as on marketing and communication.

2. How did you arrive at 5 Stars Transactions Immobilières?
After 8 years spent in Koh Samui from 1996 to 2004 I arrived in Bangkok at the beginning of 2005. I was looking for a building site for a group of investors  when I realized that there was no French real estate agency that could help us in this process.
That’s how the idea appeared to provide a service for expatriate families looking for accommodation location Bangkok and also to assist buyers in their real estate projects.

Corporate Profile Questions
3. Who's 5 Stars Transactions Immobilières (corporate profile)?
It is a company with a dozen collaborators located between Bangkok, Hua Hin, Phuket and Samui.
I am lucky to work with a dynamic and client-oriented Franco-Thai team, with whom we share the same values and deontology principles.
The philosophy of our company is based on teamwork and mutual help.

4. What makes 5 Stars Transactions Immobilières different?
First of all our experience, we celebrated our 10 years anniversary in 2016.
5 Stars Transactions Immobilières is an independent agency. We work in the interest of the customer finding the best offer for him. We are also rigorous in the selection of the goods that we propose and we sometimes refuse the commercialization of certain projects that did not offer all the guarantees or without a building permit.
In some real estate agencies when a customer pushes the door it is the agent who rubs his hands. At 5 stars it is the opposite, our goal is to find the best value for the benefit of our customers and it is no coincidence that our customers are loyal and come back to us for a second or even a third purchase.
Besides, we consider ourselves more like real estate advisors because our services go beyond a simple visit of a property.
We also assist our clients after the transaction, obtaining administrative documents or contacting the renovation companies.

5. What are your primary product and/or service offering?
In Bangkok, we accompany expatriate families in search of living place to rent. We also offer apartments, houses, land in Bangkok, Phuket, Hua Hin and Samui, for sale whether for a rental investment or for a second home.
We accompany investors in their real estate project, from the land search to commercialization.
We share our office with a French law firm for the legal part, including the audit of the property, ownership transfer to the cadastre by passing the sale compromise drafting. This ensures real estate transactions without risk for our customers

6. What are your primary geographical markets?
Our main office is in Bangkok and we have branches in Hua Hin, Phuket, Koh Samui. We are currently preparing to open a new agency in Koh Phangan.

7. Who are 5 Stars Transactions Immobilières customers?
Our clients are mostly francophone, some are already in the Asia zone and invest in real estate in Thailand, others are in France with a retirement project or a rental investment project in Thailand.
We also have Asian clients that are  interested in real estate in Thailand because of the large price difference between Bangkok and Hong Kong, Shanghai or Singapore for example.

8. When did you get your first website online?
The first version of the site www.5stars-immobilier.com was put online in early 2006. After 2 updates we are currently working on a new version in order to follow the web trend that evolves very quickly.

9. How important the website is in contact generation?
Our website is our showcase. This is where our customers find us and can see our offers. We also post articles on real estate news in Thailand, tips for making a successful investment or how to rent a property.
We put a lot of energy into the development of our website to offer a user-friendly tool, with a regularly updated offers and information about the real estate market in Thailand.